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Bitboy Betrays the Crypto Community, Dumps Holdings Hard

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By Jessy Sloan - - 5 Mins Read
Ben Armstrong profile shot with a bitcoin themed background
Bitboy Crypto, Ben Armstrong

Crypto influencer Ben Armstrong popularly known as Bitboy Crypto has sold all his $BEN tokens after making a tweet that he wouldn't sell them for six months. On his Twitter page on May 10th, the crypto influencer told his followers that he promised not to sell any of his $BEN tokens until they had stayed for six months. But a new report shows that the crypto influencer has already sold such a token barely two weeks after making such a promise.

On-chain sleuth Amir Ormu first revealed this on his Twitter page while sharing the address where the transaction happened. The transaction details showed that the crypto influencer made some massive profits from the sale of the $BEN tokens. According to Ape’s Prologue, the influencer made approximately $80,000 from selling his tokens. 

On May 10th, Bitboy Crypto tweeted, saying, "I committed to not selling any $BEN coins for 6 months. I’m still intentionally not locking those coins.


To piss off the haters who say I’m a grifter, scammer, dishonest & a P&D’er

Going to make them look dumb again

ETH Address: 0xf89e0b9fb3F419d5982386B5923e2F7C2e73f3a2."

However, Amir Ormu made some revelations with the date he shared on Twitter. He showed how Bitboy had made some transactions involving his $BEN tokens and how he profited massively from it. Ormu tweeted saying, " Bitboy sold all of his $BEN tokens that he committed to not selling them for 6 months❗️

Bitboy's address which he doxxed it by himself:


More Details About the BEN Token 

BEN token is a meme coin with no particular use case or utility. It was just created to ride on the wave of other popular meme coins, such as WOJAK and Pepe, to make massive profits. Because of the influence Bitboy Crypto has in the crypto industry, the meme coin started attracting a number of investors who wanted to profit from the bullish wave. It was in the process that Bitboy made the promise that he won't be selling his own portion of $Ben tokens until after a period of 6 months. 

Bitboy didn't buy the BEN tokens he was holding. It was given to him for free by another Twitter user named eth_ben. Increasing concerns about Bitboy rug pulling the project made the influencer promise to hold on to the token. With the new leakages, it shows Bitboy didn't live up to the expectations of BEN community members. 

Bitboy Crypto Defense 

According to Bitboy Crypto, he sold his own allocation of $BEN not because he wanted to increase his Bitcoin crypto net worth but because he made a deal with eth_ben to sell his original token allocation. 

Apparently, the deal with eth_ben will allow Bitboy to earn a whopping  $250,000 over a period of 6 months. Together with this, he would also earn about one thousand Ethereum. "So everyone is clear on the deal @eth_ben and I are making on $BEN & why I sold my original tokens

It’s for 1000 $ETH and $250k paid in stablecoins over 6 months. 

We have a backer who is having to move funds from traditional accounts, and it’s taking longer than I want," he clarified on Twitter.