NEW YORK, June 18, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Recently, Benchmark announced that it has made a strategic investment in Guard Pay. Benchmark has an office in California, USA. Since blockchain began to flourish, Benchmark has been paying close attention to this market, especially in the physical application of blockchain. Benchmark believes GuardPay Aegis Payment is a “simple, convenient and widely used blockchain payment tool”, which is a platform for retailers and consumers to accept online and offline cryptocurrency transactions.

Benchmark Strategically Invested in Guard Pay Crypto Gateway 1

Sarah Tavel, co-founder of Benchmark, said: “GuardPay Aegis Payment is a potential company in the field of encryption and statutory payments. We are very pleased to make a strategic investment in this project when it achieves significant growth in this field. With our existing global business and the introduction of GuardPay Aegis Payment encryption technology into the mainstream we agree that we can cooperate to widely adopt encryption technology.”

GuardPay Aegis Payment aims to continuously increase the number of terminals accepting cryptocurrency payments by cooperating with global brick-and-mortar retailers and merchants and establishing point-of-sale (POS), thereby shortening the gap between digital assets and mainstream currencies in the application. In this way, GuardPay Aegis Payment will serve as a bridge to help match traditional companies with consumers who want to use digital currency for transactions. Users can manage funds through GuardPay Aegis Payment wallet, and at the same time can ensure the safety of their assets in online or offline storage. By linking consumers, merchants, exchanges and coin issuers, GuardPay Aegis Payment will be able to promote the development of the global user community.

The GuardPay Aegis Payment team stated: “After GuardPay Aegis Payment, the upcoming token issuance will undoubtedly cause a sensation in the industry. We are very happy to cooperate with Benchmark at this milestone moment. This investment makes it possible for us to continue. Expanding our POS terminals on a global scale, and we can’t wait to continue to diversify our user base together with major industry players on our side.”

The Internet brings the convenience of human information circulation. GuardPay Aegis Payment believes that the blockchain will bring us the convenience of asset circulation, hoping to meet four major needs: 1. Asset realization, 2. Asset management, 3. Asset tokenization, 4. Identity recognition, and “through GuardPay Aegis Payment, hope to promote the growth of the blockchain ecosystem to a greater extent.”

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