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Ben Armstrong Gets Donations to Sue Bitboy Crypto

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By Christian Webster - - 5 Mins Read


Ben Armstrong
Ben Armstrong | VotMedia



The drama with Bitboy Crypto and Ben Armstrong continues as the two try to get the better of each other. So, the issue between these two entities is about Hit Network kicking Ben Armstrong out of the popular YouTube channel.


There were accusations that Ben Armstrong had an obsession with substance abuse, and this made the parent company kick him out of a popular YouTube channel. Since then, the former Bitboy influencer has had it rough. In fact, some of his acquisitions during his time at the popular YouTube channel were taken away from him. One of them is his famous Lamborghini, which was taken away from him. 


Since the new development regarding his status with his former employers, many sympathizers in the crypto industry are coming to the rescue of the former influencer. He has managed to raise around $150,000. So, the major purpose of this fund is that he will be using it to file a lawsuit against Bitboy Crypto and the Hit Network. Ben Armstrong wants to make a recovery of all the assets that were taken away from him. 

How Much Did Ben Armstrong Raise? 

Ben Armstrong succeeded in raising a lot of money to fund the cost of launching a lawsuit against his former employers. The majority of the money came from his fans.


According to ten details, the former Bitboy Crypto influencer got more than $62,000 on his Ethereum wallet from 117 addresses and $91,000 on his Bitcoin address. The number of transactions that came to his Bitcoin address was more than 50.

Bitboy crypto vector sign

This is quite a massive amount of funds for the crypto influencer. But this might be unsurprising to many, considering the amount of influence around the crypto industry. During his time at the Bitboy Crypto Company, many didn't even know he wasn't the owner of the YouTube channel. 


They raised this amount of money shortly after Ben Armstrong asked fans to donate less than three days ago. Furthermore, he has also asked his fans to stop referring to him as Bitboy Crypto. He has made a rebranding to his normal name, which is Ben Armstrong.


Shortly after his dismissal from Bitboy Crypto, he has already gathered a lot of followers on X (formerly known as Twitter) at more than 35,000. He has also rebranded his identity and changed his description to "Don’t call me BitBoy anymore. My name is Ben Armstrong. Follow me if you like crypto and be a part of $BEN Nation." 

What is the Current Situation of Bitboy Crypto 

Ben Armstrong isn't the only one suffering the damages of the severed relationship between the two parties. Both Bitboy Crypto Company and the parent entity behind the company are suffering massive losses. The YouTube channel is known to host reveal live sessions with many influential crypto personalities. So, the amount of people tuning in for their programs on YouTube has decreased drastically. 


On the other hand, their followers on the YouTube channel have decreased over the past few weeks. They have lost more than 20,000 subscribers since the incident with Ben Armstrong. Many crypto enthusiasts have already spoken about it, saying that the Bitboy Crypto brand won't be the same without Ben Armstrong.