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Baby Doge Listed by Top Exchange, Price Soars Above 30%

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By Jessy Sloan - - 5 Mins Read
A baby dog of the doge breed playing happily in the grass

In their latest announcements, the developers behind Baby Doge coin said they had been listed in another crypto exchange. The exchange in the equation is Bybit, one of the most popular crypto exchanges worldwide. The baby doge listing date is in April. It left the community members excited as the meme coin immediately reacted to the news with a massive pump. It increased in price by more than 30% before its reversal. 

On Twitter, the team behind Baby Doge said, "Our newest exchange listing is @Bybit_Official !

Bybit is ranked #6 in the world overall 

Headquartered in Singapore exposing #BabyDoge to millions of users and institutions across Asia and 160+ countries 

Bybit holds over $3 billion of assets and has a proof of reserves."

As part of the announcement, they also noted that they would pursue other top crypto exchanges for listings. Getting listed on exchanges is. among the strategies meme tokens use to increase the price and attract more community members. The team behind the meme coin said they also want to list it on Binance. In their announcement tweet, there was a shout-out to the CEO of Binance, asking him to consider their request to list Baby Doge coins. 

Bybit is a Singapore-based crypto exchange popularly known within crypt circles as an exchange that consistently lists newly launched meme coins. The listing of Baby Doge coins in the exchange was expected to increase the value of the cryptocurrency. It successfully did that as it helped those trading the meme coin to make massive profits due to the sporadic increase in price. The price of the cryptocurrency increased by more than 30% after the announcement was made. It also brought a lot of interest from many crypto enthusiasts, as many reiterated their interest to invest in the meme coin. 

Massive Giveaway From Baby Doge 

After the team announced the listing of Baby Doge on Bybit, the crypto exchange confirmed the listing and said they would be doing some giveaways to celebrate the listing. In their announcement, Bybit said, "#Bybit is excited to announce the upcoming listing of $BABYDOGE on our Spot trading platform! @BabyDogeCoin 

We have prepared 2 events with a total prize pool of 32 trillion $BABYDOGE just for you."


As mentioned in the announcement, Bybit in collaboration with the token developers was launching a massive giveaway that would attract more users to the platform. The success of Baby Doge has been mostly based on the immense support the community gives the meme token. It joins the rank of meme coins, such as Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, that enjoy huge support from its community. The newly activated promotion will see community members share the 32 trillion Baby Doge, which has been set apart for the giveaway. 

The listing of this meme coin is to take place on 4th April, 2023. According to an official announcement by Bybit, they said, "BABYDOGE Deposits: Opens on Mar 31, 2023, 10AM UTC. BABYDOGE Listing: Apr 4, 2023, 8AM UTC. BABYDOGE Withdrawals: Opens on Apr 5, 2023, 10AM UTC. BABYDOGE will be available for trades via Spot Grid Bots when it's listed." The project developers have also announced a recent burn of the tokens. Baby doge coin burn rate has been impressive as over $100k worth of coins were burned.