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AAVE is Making Rapid Changes, Including Radical Name Switch

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By Augustine Mbam - - 5 Mins Read
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Blockchain technology company, previously known as Aave Companies, has recently undergone a huge transformation, rebranding itself as Avara.


This revolutionary change was accompanied by the announcement of the company's latest venture: the acquisition of a web3 startup based in Los Angeles.Los Angeles.Los Angeles.

Avara's Bold Rebranding Strategy

As articulated in the company's official statement, Avara will now operate as the overarching entity, encompassing not only Aave but also Lens, stablecoin GHO, Sonar, and several other affiliated brands under its comprehensive umbrella.


Avara's transformation is not just a simple name change. The company has acquired Los Feliz Engineering, a well-known web3 software development startup that has made significant contributions to the Ethereum crypto wallet, Family, and the developer library ConnectKit.


This acquisition has provided Avara with advanced technological capabilities and expertise, greatly enhancing its overall technological prowess.


The founder of Family, Benji Taylor, is slated to join Avara as the senior product and design vice president. This strategic move also heralds the integration of the entire Los Feliz engineering team into the Avara ecosystem.

Avara's Vision for the Future


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Stani Kulechov, the visionary behind Avara, emphasized, "Our evolution into Avara and the integration of Family signify more than just superficial changes. These steps mark our progression towards a grand mission: crafting an open, decentralized internet that prioritizes equity, encourages active engagement, and nurtures innovation."


Avara's recent acquisition of Los Feliz Engineering marks the company's second huge venture of this nature. This event follows the acquisition of the web3 social gaming application Sonar, on December 5, 2022, aimed at expanding the ecosystem of Lens—a decentralized social media platform within Aave's domain.

Pioneering the Blockchain Landscape

This strategic transformation and expansion mark a pivotal moment for Aave's blockchain identity. Avara's vision resonates with the burgeoning movement towards decentralized technologies, solidifying the company's commitment to reshaping the digital landscape.


In a bold move, Aave blockchain rebrands itself as Avara, setting the stage for wider horizons and increased potential within the dynamic blockchain landscape. The company's deliberate acquisitions and visionary rebranding underscore an ambitious trajectory towards an inclusive, decentralized future in the digital realm.


The strategic rebranding and acquisition efforts undertaken by Avara epitomize the company's dedication to leading the charge in revolutionizing blockchain technology. This transformative journey is a testament to Avara's commitment to innovation, community engagement, and the pursuit of a decentralized future.