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6 Reasons Why Investors Love Ripple So Much

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By Augustine Mbam - - 5 Mins Read
Wearing a wristwatch inscribed the Ripple logo and name
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Wearing a wristwatch inscribed the Ripple logo and name

It's Ripple 0' clock, and we know there are so many questions you have about this phenomenal token. From its massive community, controversial regulatory issues, and the hope of a Bitcoin coup. Well, we've found some of the answers (or most of it).


Ripple has been around for quite some time, making it one of the oldest cryptocurrencies on the market. However, it has faced legal challenges with the Securities and Exchange Commission, resulting in controversy. Nevertheless, despite these challenges, many investors still see value in Ripple and continue to invest in it.


We have written an article that details why investors continue to invest in Ripple, despite the company's ongoing legal disputes.


1. Fast Transaction Speeds 

Have you ever been making some transactions with a cryptocurrency, and then you have to wait for long minutes or hours before you get your transaction done? It can be frustrating, right? This is exactly one of the reasons why enthusiasts and investors love the Ripple coin so much: it offers them speedy transactions.


When compared to Bitcoin, Ripple is significantly faster in terms of transaction speeds which is probably why Ripple has a long-term plan of unseating Bitcoin as the king of cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin is often referred to as a store of value due to its slow blockchain transaction speeds, requiring patience for transactions to complete. However, Ripple offers a faster and more efficient alternative.


This is the solution Ripple offers, as the transaction speed on the XRP network is extremely fast while trading it. Ripple can handle thousands (consistently 1,500) of transactions per second and does it effortlessly. 


2. Strong Market Presence

In the crypto industry, there's an unwritten rule many investors follow: investing in cryptocurrencies that have lasted a long time. Ripple is one of the oldest cryptocurrencies and has survived even the worst bear markets in the crypto industry. Many investing in this cryptocurrency do so because they trust its strong reputation. 


Recognition matters a lot in the crypto market, and this is in favor of Ripple. Many newbies who enter the crypto market always go straight to invest in the top cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple. This strong market presence makes many investors confident that the Ripple price and network will continue to grow. 


Ripple coin slotted close to a white keyboard


3. Financial Service 

One of the primary criteria determining whether a cryptocurrency will survive for a long time depends on its utility. If a cryptocurrency has no use case or application in the crypto industry, it will most likely die out within a short period or become worthless.


Ripple has a notable advantage as it provides financial services to traditional financial institutions and those who lack the means to make financial transactions. The company aims to connect with individuals who require making payments and offer them a solution. Other financial institutions are also adopting Ripple's services as it enables them to rapidly and inexpensively process payments between their customers rapidly and inexpensively.


4. Strong Community 

Without community, every cryptocurrency would be as good as worthless. Even Bitcoin won't exist or increase in value without the support it gains from its community. If you are looking for a cryptocurrency with the top aggressive and supportive communities, Ripple should be in the top 5.


Lately, the cryptocurrency has faced regulatory issues with the Securities and Exchange Commission. However, the unwavering support of its dedicated community masks the impact of these challenges. Investors have faith in this token, as they trust in the strong backing of the community to drive it toward greater success.


5. Great Developers 

A cryptocurrency created by the best brains in the crypto industry always stands out. You can see this in the case of Ethereum (Vitalik Buterin), Bitcoin (Satoshi Nakamoto), and even BNB (Changpeng Zhao). The same thing applies to XRP, as the creators and developers of this token are very knowledgeable in the area of cryptography.


Three engineers named David Schwartz, Jed McCaleb, and Arthur Britto created this outstanding cryptocurrency in 2012. Because it guarantees excellent developers, many investors are always keen to invest in it. 


6. Growing Influence In Asia 

Additionally, investors are optimistic about the future of XRP because of its growing influence on the Asian markets.


The Asian market is one of the most significant segments of crypto markets, and any cryptocurrency that becomes acceptable in such markets has a higher potential for success. This is exactly what Ripple has become, as many businesses and companies in places like Japan are now using Ripple as a payment method.