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40-Story Tower to be Built for Bitcoin in Dubai. All You Should Know

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By Brennan Forrest - - 5 Mins Read

The crypto community might see the world’s first-ever Bitcoin (BTC) Tower very soon after an ambitious crypto developer makes the announcement. A Dubai-based developer said a BTC tower would soon be unveiled in the country, and its goal is to show the world the Importance of digital assets such as cryptocurrencies in every country's economy. 


This Bitcoin tower will be unveiled to the public at the upcoming COP28 meeting in Dubai on May 24. Many things make this project unique. Its major objective is to drive crypto adoption by using visual representation to educate the public on the importance of digital assets. The building will be an attraction as it will be uniquely built. 


According to the developer, the "crypto tower Dubai" is a new hotel chain that will be built in the shape of Bitcoin. Having the shape of Bitcoin is not the only thing that makes this building unique. Like what it represents to the public, it will embrace and integrate many blockchain technologies into its day-to-day activities. Besides using cutting-edge technologies, this new building in Dubai will help promote the importance of material sustainability and zero CO2 usage. A report from EINpresswire on May 21 provided huge insights on how the building will be used to create awareness of many innovations happening in the world. 


Some of the unique integrations of this building are the introduction of non-fungible tokens in its loyalty program offerings. They plan to use NFTs to reward their clients for using their facilities. When these NFTs are issued, they can either be sold for money or it can be used to get discounts to pay for some of the services offered by the Bitcoin tower. Another notable feature is allowing customers to stake cryptocurrencies. Staking cryptocurrencies in the Bitcoin tower will enable guests to redeem the APY generated as a form of rental payment. 


Salvatore Leggiero, the developer behind this project, said the Bitcoin tower would be running like a kind of charity. "It will be the first hotel that gives you back the money you paid, plus interest," Salvatore Leggiero said. 


Despite its occasional crypto-focused crackdowns, Dubai has also been an exciting location for Bitcoin lovers. 

How did the Bitcoin Tower Become a Reality? 

Salvatore Leggiero told the story of how he conceived the idea of building a Bitcoin tower. He says," Every great project originates from an idea, develops in the mind, and takes shape on paper, just like Leonardo da Vinci did when he imagined the machines of the future."

A tower in Dubai, dark night
Unsplash (Clay Banks)

After getting the plan on how to get about the Bitcoin tower, he then met the renowned architect Simone Michelin to help him bring the plan to reality. Salvatore Leggiero said," So, I asked the renowned architect Simone Micheli how the BITCOIN TOWER could be depicted in the virtual universe." This architect helped Salvatore Leggiero plot out what the Bitcoin tower would look like. 


After meeting with architect Simone Micheli, Leggiero, who also serves as the CEO of Metaverse Investments LLC, decided to make the Bitcoin tower a link between digital and physical assets. "What I propose is a real estate revolution, creating a bridge between digital and physical real estate. BITCOIN TOWER will be the starting point for all those who want to participate in this revolution," he said