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4 Crypto Racing Games You Should Try Today

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By Augustine Mbam - - 5 Mins Read
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Play-to-earn games are becoming a popular phenomenon in the crypto industry, as it has grown to have a lot of players participating in them. One of the major things that attract people to blockchain games is the different niches. There are action games, simulation games, and even racing games. 

Racing games are trendy blockchain games, as most come with realistic gameplay and amazing rewards for players. The racing games are not only limited to cars; there are also racing games with horses. Here are some crypto racing games where you can make a huge amount of money from playing them. It also comes with realistic gameplay that will get you hooked. 

F1 Delta Time

    F1 Delta Time is one of the crypto games you should definitely add to your collection of crypto games. It is based on the blockchain, integrated with the NFT market, allowing players to earn as they play the game. Hinged on the Ethereum blockchain, it is very competitive boasting an expansive number of gamers. The game provides different experiences for different players: it depends on the quality of your NFTs. Apart from NFTs, your experience and success while playing the game also depends on your ability to use the controls. 

    Note that when playing the game, you need to have some Ethereum tokens in your wallet to pay transaction fees. Also, players have to pay an entry fee before they play each game. However, the rewards are worth it, as players can earn NFTs from the game. 

    REVV Racing

      REVV Racing was formerly known as the REVV Motorsport blockchain gaming platform, and it is more than a play-to-earn game. It is the first blockchain racing game with a simulation experience, and it offers a third-person perceptive to gamers. 

      The features behind the game make it very real for gamers. It comes with a real-time control system with a real-life-like track for racing. It is built in the Polygon blockchain, and NFTs are the in-game assets that players can get as rewards. Also, you can play it using external controllers such as a keyboard or Xbox. 


      Pegaxxy is one of the crypto games that pay players, but it is a little different from other racing games. It is unlike regular racing games, where they use cars for the race. Here, they use a kind of horse for the race, and players earn NFTs as their rewards for the game. 

      The game was built on the Polygon blockchain, and players must finish the top 3 to earn massive rewards. Since the inception of the game, the game has seen more than $200 million pass through players. 


      DeRace is another game similar to Pegaxxy, as gamers have to use horses to play and earn rewards. DeRace has its focus on the community as it is bent on rewarding gamers who are participating on the platform. 
      With its DeRace Coin (DERC), players can use the in-game currency to make transactions in the game, such as entry fees, NFT sales, and user rewards. The horses have characteristics that differentiate them from others in the game. The types of horses in the game are based on their performance, cost, and their rarity.