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27 Rib-Cracking Jokes and Memes About Bitcoin

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By Jessy Sloan - - 5 Mins Read

The crypto industry has its ups and downs. Because of this, many jokes and crypto memes have been generated from several occurrences and scenarios within the crypto community. It’s not unlikely to see crypto investors throwing hilarious jabs at each other on Twitter or other community-based platforms to depict the market conditions — or their portfolio.

It is funny, but most crypto investors don't need to be asked what they do to make money. They explain themselves even before you ask them what they do. This is an industry-long crypto joke. For crypto investors, you can make money while having fun. Heck! Even a top 10 crypto token originated from a meme (if you didn’t know, you’d learn about it in our crazy crypto facts article)


If you are bored, we have gathered some of the top crypto jokes that will make you fall over laughing. Some are based around Bitcoin investors, mining, and, generally, the crypto industry. 

Frightened Bitcoin Hodler 

One of the most relatable crypto jokes goes this way. A frightened Bitcoin hodler calls his fellow investor and asks if he's worried about the fluctuations in the market. 

His fellow investor says of course. He mentioned that he even sleeps like a baby. 

a baby crying depicting mourning losses in crypto
Adobe Stock

Surprised, the Bitcoin hodler asks why he sleeps like a baby. His fellow investor answered, saying he sleeps, wakes up, and cries. 

Eskimo Joke 

Do you want to hear a joke about an Eskimo? This joke is almost as good as a crypto meme. 

Here it goes. Where does an Eskimo store their Bitcoin? 

A picture of a cold wallet with Bitcoins in it

In a cold wallet. I hope the joke doesn't fly over your head. 

No One Knows Satoshi 

Knock Knock!

Who's there?

A picture showing shoes without anyone wearing them like bitcoin founder satoshi

Satoshi Nakamoto.

Satoshi Nakamoto, who?

You will never know. 

The Hipster Bitcoin Miner 

This joke/pun is for those who know Bitcoin mining

Why did the hipster Bitcoin miner burn out his GPU?

Bitcoin coins in the dirt

He was mining before it was cool. 

Bitcoin Miners Don’t Make it Any Easy

How many Bitcoin miners does it take to change a light bulb?

A million Bitcoin miners.

Bitcoin surrounded by miners or nodes

One Bitcoin miner changes it, and 999,999 miners run in circles to determine who gets to do it. 

Why does the government hate Bitcoin? 

This is a Bitcoin joke that comically represents why the government has a hawkish stance on Bitcoin. Here it goes. 

Why won’t the government embrace Bitcoin?

Bitcoin and the government on a pedestal

They hate the idea of Proof Of Work. 

Bitcoin as a Meal

This is one of the crypto jokes that will fly over your head if you don't read through the lines. 

Here it goes. How do you eat Bitcoin?

A pizza that has Bitcoins instead of a pizza slice
Coin Culture

With a megabyte. 

A Bitcoin-Investing Dad and his Son 

A boy asked his Bitcoin-investing dad for $20 worth of Bitcoin. 

His dad: $20 worth of Bitcoin?

A dad discussing with his son about bitcoin

His dad: What do you need $25 for? 

Bitcoin Helps With Weight Loss Too

If you are a Bitcoin investor, this joke will be very relatable to you. Here it goes. 

I lost 164 pounds in the last six months with this one simple trick!

 A bitcoin investor with weight gain

All I did was buy and trade Bitcoin. 

Superheroes joke 

Batman invited all the superheroes to an evening discussing bitcoin investments. 

But Superman was missing from the list of superheroes. Do you know why? 

Super heroes on a Bitcoin night party

Superman didn’t go because it was a crypto-night.

Bitcoin dad Joke

Read this Bitcoin dad joke. 

What do you call a turkey that uses Bitcoin?

three bitcoins atop each other

A crypto Phan.

Lambo and Ferrari 

This Bitcoin joke is relatable if you know your way with words. Hopefully, it doesn't fly over your head. 

Why do bitcoin investors want a Lambo?

A lambo pulling out of a drive way

Because they know Ferrari is owned by Fiat. 

Bitcoin dad Conversation 

A son asked his Bitcoin dad: Dad, I need a gift for my birthday.

And the dad answered: What do you want, Son? Son: I need a Bitcoin

Father and son in the garden discussing about Bitcoins and life investments

Dad: What?? Why do you need $35K for it?? Do you know how difficult it is to earn $25K dollars?? You will learn the difficulty of earning $40K when you get a job. 

Mining Your Own Business 

This Bitcoin joke should be relatable if you are good at identifying mixed words and puns. 

Why shouldn’t you bother someone who collects bitcoins?

Bitcoin in the ground

Because they’re mining their own business. 

A funny Bitcoin Joke 

This Bitcoin joke comes from a crypto meme, but it is still funny, even as a written joke. Here it goes. 

I have a joke on Bitcoin. 

Bitcoin in front of several screens

But it requires so much energy to get it. 

You Just Can’t Keep Bitcoin In

This joke describes how Bitcoin owners often spread the news of owning a Bitcoin. Here it goes. 

A Crossfit enthusiast, a bitcoin investor, and a vegan walk into a bar. How do you know who they are?

Bitcoin on top of a platform

Don't worry, they will tell you about it. 

Your Girlfriend is like Cryptos 

This crypto joke probably describes the fluctuations in the crypto market using relationships. 

Your girlfriend is like Cryptos. Do you know why?

Bitcoin and a screen chart

She goes down on me when least expected.

Bitcoin and my Wife 

Another crypto joke that explains how prices go up and down in the market. 

What’s the difference between Bitcoin and my wife?

A man and his wife in the sitting room discussing Bitcoins

My wife doesn’t go down on me.

Bitcoin and Gold 

This Bitcoin joke explains the similarities between Bitcoin and gold. Here it goes. 

I like my bitcoin the same as I like my gold. 

Bitcoin and gold

They are mined by other people.

Making a Small Fortune with Bitcoin 

This crypto joke will sweep you off your feet because almost all crypto traders have experienced it. 

Question: How do you make a small fortune from investing in Bitcoin?


Answer: Start by investing a large fortune in Bitcoin.

Buying Bitcoin in 2011

Most people still regret why they didn't buy Bitcoin when they had the chance to do so in its early years, like the 2010s. This little explanation makes this joke funnier. 

What is my New Year's Resolution for 2023? 


My new year resolution is to buy bitcoin in 2011!

Easy steps to turn a billionaire into a millionaire 

For anyone who has invested in the crypto market in the past, this joke will surely not fly over your head. 

An interviewer asked a crypto trader how you make millions of dollars trading cryptocurrencies. 

A huge case of dollar bills

The crypto trader answered, "start by trading billions of dollars."

Takes Longer Than You Thought 

Another crypto millionaire joke is a lot of fun if you understand Bitcoin very well. 

An interviewer asked a Bitcoin millionaire: How did you become a Bitcoin millionaire? 

A man throwing money in the air
Adobe stock

 The Bitcoin Millionaire answered: …bit by bit…

Vegan Bitcoin Owners 

If you have been around Bitcoin owners and vegetarians, you will notice how they often talk about themselves without being asked. This is where the joke comes from. 

Who are the worst guests at a dinner party?

Vegan signboard

Those who are vegetarians and bitcoin owners at the same time. They always talk about themselves without being asked. 

Dungeons and dragons vs. Bitcoin 

Dungeons and Dragons is a popular game that seems straightforward but has complicated rules. It is related to Bitcoin. This joke explains it. 

Dungeons and Dragons is a lot like Bitcoin. 

Dungeons and dragons dices

Do you know why this is so? It is a  popular game, but I don’t understand it. 

How much Bitcoin do you Have?

Have you traded crypto before? If you have, you should know how hard it is to determine one's profit while trading. This joke makes it even funnier. 

If I had invested $1000 into Bitcoin today, I would have how much Bitcoin? 


No idea how it worked. The crypto market is always fluctuating. 

A Girl in Hot Bikini 

This joke will fly over your head if you don't know much about gender in the crypto industry. There are more males than females in the crypto market. 

This explanation makes the joke more relatable. Here it goes. 

A girl with a bitcoin

If a girl in a hot bikini DMs you about crypto. 

Ignore him. It is probably a man.